My low budget kitchen renovation

Here it is, almost ready. Finally! My low budget kitchen renovation started over a year ago from the top cabinets. We replaced them with open String System shelves. They’ve worked really well. 

Now we renovated the lower part: the lower cabinets stayed in their place but we ordered new doors and handles for them. The kitchen counter was also changed as were the stove, oven, tap and sink as well. The only thing left now is to paint the space between the counter and shelves. 

I especially love how the grey stove and grey sink blend into the grey counter as planned. I don’t understand the urge to go for a completely white kitchen and then have the black or grey appliances stand out like the center of everything. I wanted to blend them into the counter and the wall as much as possible.

Min nya kök är äntligen färdig. Hyllorna är String System och dörrar standarda kök dörrarna. 

Uusi keittiö on vihdoin valmis! Yläosan String-hyllyt laitettiin paikoilleen jo vuosi sitten ja nyt oli alaosan vuoro. Kaappien rungot ja astianpesukone jäivät paikoilleen, muut vaihtuivat.    

  White Tap: Tapwell

White Oven: Candy

Grey Sink: Franke

Grey Stove: Electrolux


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